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Our Products

The Product

Softmind Technologies know as SMSB has a diverse OSS-based reportoire of products to support the telecom industry.

Our primary product is REALBRM, a subscriber billing software solution.

Within the REALBRM package, traffic processing, bill generation, account payable, system administration, packaging, and customer case and administration, credit control and fraud monitoring are addressed.

Each module within REALBRM is its own robust application.

REALBRM was developed based on the experience of our consultants in Billing and Revenue Management activities in the telecommunications industry namely having successfully completed projects for Mobile, Fixed and Cable Network Operators and having experience with many different areas and systems (e.g.: network, mediation, billing, customer care, collections, revenue assurance and fraud). The basic billing system consist of the following modules:

- Traffic Processing
- Bill generation
- Account & Payment
- System Administration
- Packaging
- Customer Case and Administration
- Specific Value-Added Feature
- Routing Management
- Fraud Detection

Product Roadmap

SMSB owns and develops REALBRM product. It was made commercially available for the first time in 2017. Currently the release commercially available is 5.0.

SMSB aims at product excellence for REALBRM and therefore has defined a product roadmap aligned with customers’ requirements and market evolution.

Major versions are released every 18-24 months.

Minor versions are released whenever SMSB is able to accommodate recently developed product features to better respond to our customers’ demands and requirements.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Softmind Technologies.

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